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Improving Your Online Presence Can Help Attract New Customers & Improve Sales.

Every month, many licensed cannabis stores are closing their doors, often because owners haven’t figured out how to create awareness and consistently bring in new customers. Ontario has over 1,000 operational stores, and 350+ in Toronto alone. [source: BNN Bloomberg]

You don’t want to close your doors, and neither do we ~ that’s why since 2020, the folks at Cannabis Station have been marketing licensed cannabis stores in Canada.

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How We Work


Step 1
Client Discovery & Qualification

Our experienced team sits with you to understand your marketing needs (digital & physical). How can we solve your pain points? What is your timeline? How do we achieve your goals and stay within budget?


Step 2
Acceptance & Project Kickoff

We meet with your management team to secure buy-in from all Stakeholders and officially launch your project.


Step 3
Research, Analysis, Design, and Development

We put together a blueprint that is competitive with your local competition. We try to position you better to improve your probability of success.


Step 4
Execution, Project Launch, and Support

You’ve dreamt it, we’ve built it. Cannabis Station takes it one step further and continues to support you after our project is complete to make sure your business is running as smoothly as possible.


Our Pledge

Is to service you and do everything reasonably possible to help you take your business to the next level. With our team of web designers, digital marketers, store developers, and consultants, there’s much we can’t do. Need graphic designers? Great, let’s book a meeting. Require photographers? We’ve got you covered. Looking to re-brand? Not a problem. We’ve done it plenty of times, and can guide you each step of the way.

- The Cannabis Station Team