Well-rounded is a term often thrown around describing someone who is pleasingly varied and balanced. For Jaye Cabreros, however, well-rounded is a severe understatement.

Turning Ordinary Brands Into Powerhouses

As an expert in SEO, Web Design, Web Development and Project Management, Jaye has the unique ability to take seemingly ordinary brands and turn them into powerhouses, deeming them best in class to competitors.

Jaye’s unparalleled skill setis derived from his extensive business analytics and development experience, where he was able to fine-tune his marketing and analytical skills to generate 7-figure monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for his previous employers.

Our Team

Yvonne Thai

Management Consultant

Turning Ordinary Brands Into Powerhouses

Launch your brand sky high.

Buckle up and get ready to launch your cannabis brand into the stratosphere!
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